How to Check Missouri Unemployment Insurance Benefit Claim Status Online?

Eligible unemployed workers living in the state of Missouri (MO) may receive MO unemployment insurance (UI) benefits issued by that state. If your UI benefit claims are approved, you will get the financial aid up to 20 weeks. If you have already filed the MO UI claims, you can check your application status on the web. The following is a simple guide on how to check your MO unemployment claim status online.

1. Go to the MO UI claim status checking page.

2. To use the online MO UI claim inquiry system, you have to enter some personal information on the page. You need to create and verify your personal id (also known as PIN) number which contains 4 digits. The PIN is a sensitive piece of information. You should not share it with anyone else. The number should be easy to remember since you will need to provide it whenever you want to access your claim file on their system. But the number should not be too easy to guess. Then you need to provide and verify your social security number (SSN), your full name and birthday.

3. Then you can click the “continue” button to enter into the inquiry system and check your claim status.

If, for any reason, you don’t want to continue to view your claim status, you need to clear your data by using the “reset” button, particularly if you are using a public computer. This will prevent your sensitive personal data from being viewed by other people.

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